Social media without the snooping

You’ve no doubt heard that line that if a product is free, then you are the product. It’s true! Whether it’s social media companies or adult entertainment sites they aren’t there to give you something for free as they’re nice like that. You don’t get anything for free unless you’re being advertised to and they can then sell your likes and search history to advertisers who then target you. Noticed those adverts that follow you around?!

At Nublz we’re different. Our platform isn’t funded by advertising and businesses aren’t allowed to advertise on it. We’re funded by subscriptions from our members. Just like a traditional Netflix subscription.

We’ve tried to keep the cost low and you can cancel at anytime but we want to create an adult entertainment platform that is free from advertising, general snooping, products weirdly appearing on your news feed that you were just talking about the other day, and selling your details to shady information gatherers.