Model FAQs

As a model, how much does it cost to be a model?

Nothing. It’s free to join as a member and as a model.

As a model, all we take is 15% commission from your subscriptions each month to cover the administration and hosting expenses.

How is Nublz promoted?

We use our own social media channels to promote the overall site, but each model is responsible for their own promotion. The more you promote, the more subscribers you will have and the more money you can make.

How do I get paid?

You get paid 85% of your commission via bank transfer at the end of each month. You are responsible for any tax that you need to pay.

Do you have any safety measures in place?

Yes. We want to create an environment where models feel safe. We have a report form you can complete by clicking here.

You accept who you want in your own area. Members are not automatically accepted once they’ve paid, you have the ability to accept or reject their request.

Feel free to suggest anything else by using our standard contact form by clicking here.