Creating a Paid Account

1. Create an account (click here to create one – opens new window)

Simply create your free account and activate it via an email you’ll automatically receive. Then click on the link it contains to activate your account. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder.

If you encounter any problems, use our contact form, by clicking here (opens in new window).


2. We do require all models to prove their age with identification. Don’t worry, we don’t share this information with anyone but need to ensure we keep people safe. Complete the form by clicking here – opens new window)

You’ll be directed to a page like this.

We require a proof of age ID, so be ready to upload your driving licence or passport. You can blur out your address and any other personal details but we need to clearly see your face and date of birth.


3. Complete your profile. Make it as fun as you want to. You’re trying to entice people to view you and ultimately sign up to paid content of you.

Once logged in (click here if you’re not logged in – opens new window), then go ahead and complete your profile.

4. Add your own free photos and videos of yourself. It’s up to you what you want people to view for free.

Here you can upload free photos and videos for potential members to see and entice them to become a paying subscriber.

5. Create groups for paid content. In here you can create groups. In this example, 2 were created. You can create as many as you wish. Each group you accept or reject anyone who joins your group.

Click on Groups on the lefthand side. In this example you can see 2 groups. You can create as many as you like – and each group can have its own separate subscription prices!

6. Now let us know your groups! We will email you a special Stripe link that identifies you and the group it relates to. This was when we pay you your 85% at the end of each month, 1 we know it’s your account and, 2, you’ll know what group it has come from. This lets you know which group is more profitable and the one you may wish to promote more. Simply put this link on your group profile.

7. You’ll get a notification when someone signs up to your group. You then accept them into your group. If you don’t want a person in your private group, you simply reject them and we’ll organise the refund. You’re in complete control who does and who doesn’t view your content.

8. And that’s it! Feel free to create more groups (let us know though by using the form – opens new window).